The Senior School Programme

The Senior School Programme

(Class IX to XII)

The Secondary & Senior Secondary School Programme supports students to identify their potential as they prepare to enter the world of work and responsibility.

Classes IX to XII enter in a different zone of learning which is exciting and equally challenging. The sole purpose of the mentors/teachers is to identify the learning capacities of the child and make them future ready.

In the process of learning and self motivation, the students evolve as discerning young adults with values and Principles that contribute to community and the environment. During these years, students become more independent learners. Learning goes beyond books through projects, multimedia presentations, group work and collaborative learning.

Our key focus includes:

  • Developing problem solving, investigating skills by encouraging an active, and critical and questioning approach strategy toward studies.
  • Students are engaged in experimental and experiential learning beyond the classroom through various activities, projects and assignments.
  • Students are trained and counselled effectively where they get a better understanding of their career paths.
  • Wide range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities instills confidence and discipline thus developing their pragmatic skills.
  • Projects and assignments are meticulously planned to integrate knowledge and skills acquired by the students in various subjects.
  • Application of knowledge and development of analytical skills aims at developing responsible citizens.
  • Career counselling, adolescent counselling, emotional health and well being are the key areas focused for the health growth.
  • The school focuses on Composite Lab, learning centres, experimental learning to hone their innate and latent talents of the child.
  • The sequential flow of knowledge – from fundamentals to higher level knowledge.
  • The development of core competencies while constructing knowledge.
  • We provide the multiple avenues to develop observational skills, logical thinking, analytical skills and reasoning ability.
  • To develop the understanding the dynamic nature and interdependence of subjects among the students.
  • To prepare students for higher educational pursuits.
  • The career and college counselling supports students in deciding the right career path.