Moto and Emblem

Motto and Emblem

BBL Motto:

नास्ति विद्या समम् तपः

The Motto of school represents the true philosophy and ideals that surge this pious temple of learning ahead for excellence through noble means:
“There is no other activity better and harder than the activity to acquire wisdom and knowledge.”

BBL Emblem

The emblem of the school consists of a Lotus, Book and a Conch.


Representing purity, divinity & exuberant beauty i.e. “सत्यं शिवम् सुन्दरम” as per the traditional Indian culture.


  • At the top signifies the eternal radiance of knowledge in all directions for the highest good of mankind in the true spirit of our Vedic ideals.
  • The holy conch perched on top of the insignia, signifies the eternal grace and glow descending from all sides.
  • “ऐं” is the “beej mantra” of mother goddess Saraswati “ऐं” stands for Saraswati and ‘‘ dot’’ is the dispeller of sorrow.