The Primary School Programme

The Primary School Programme

(Class I – V)

The primary school programme of B.B.L. Public School is designed to develop and nurture the students with the equal major of academics, holistic education & attitude building. It is our constant endeavour to facilitate and provide a productive learning process through activity-oriented lessons, hands-on work and extensive co-curricular activities.

The key learning domains which are focused:

Language and Literacy (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing skills)

Numeracy (Mathematical thinking and reasoning)

Personal, Social & Emotional Development (Self Awareness & Social Awareness)

Discovery of the World – (Environmental awareness)

Motor Skills development (Physical & Health Education)

Aesthetics & Creative Expression (Art Education)

  • The focus of the primary wing is to develop a fun filled, safe & happy learning environment.
  • To develop physical, social, cognitive & emotional well being.
  • To develop the self confidence and the ability to effectively communicate in English.
  • Helping the young minds to integrate the learning across subject areas.
  • Due emphasis on exploring, knowing, understanding & forming their own ideas.
  • Nurturing their aesthetic and creative expressions, language & literacy, numeracy and social awareness.
  • Interactive learning designed to focus on concept building & strengthening competencies and skills.
  • Activity areas and learning centres to actively engage students.
  • Beside academics, children are encouraged to play, explore and discover through physical education, dance, music, art & craft.
  • Sports activate and strengthen co-ordination and motor skills, thus instilling enthusiasm for health and fitness.
  • Festivities are a regular feature at our school which are innovatively conducted through colourful displays, tableau, dramas, musical activities and other creative ways to sensitise them towards our diverse cultures and traditions.

The Primary Curriculum is an effective balance between a clearly defined structure that promotes the child flexibility and allows individualization.