The Middle School Programme

The Middle School Programme

(Class VI to VIII)

As the students transit from childhood to adolescence, Middle School offers a caring, safe, and supportive environment which encourages the young teenager to tackle challenges in a culture of nurtured risk-taking. They are pushed beyond their comfort zones to build on their resilience, character and robust problem-solving skills.

The Middle School Programme at BBL School is structured to meet children’s varied intellectual and developmental needs. The curriculum builds on concepts and skills learnt in the Primary School. It ensures progression and continuity across various stages of learning in the School and incorporates continuous evaluation and review of children’s performance.

Students are our assets. We carve and niche them carefully so as to prepare them for varied intellectual and developmental needs.

  • The rigorous academic curriculum in the Middle School focuses on encouraging students to become independent learners and deepen their knowledge and skills.
  • The main aims of the programme are developing skills related to writing, reading, reflecting, critical thinking, public speaking, fostering initiative among students and a desire to acquire knowledge.
  • Inter-house cultural and sports competitions encourage healthy competition and team spirit.
  • Recognizing the 21st century demand of high standards of linguistic ability, we train our students in linguistic competencies required in various life situations.
  • Nurturing and developing the writing, reading and public speaking skills through various productive activities.
  • Art integration explores the creativity through various art forms, makes the subject interesting and easy to understand.
  • Experiential learning accelerates learning since ‘learning by doing’ helps to develop vital skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and effective decision-making.
  • Mathematics, Science, Social Science and other subjects provide an effective way of building mental discipline, logical reasoning and mental rigor.
  • Projects & assignments are meticulously planned so as to integrate knowledge and skills acquired by them. It is a concrete step towards developing interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Activities & competitions encourage healthy competitive team spirit.
  • Physical education is offered in a more formal and finely tuned manner to prepare the students to pursue sports in a more structured and purposeful way.