Our Motto & Emblem

BBL Moto:

The Motto of school represents the true philosophy and ideals that surge this pious temple of learning ahead for excellence through noble means:

There is no other activity better and harder than the activity to acquire wisdom and knowledge.

Without wisdom, one's life may be like a caterpillar that never changes into a butterfly.

Acquiring knowledge and wisdom is a herculean task. One has to refrain from so many comforts and allurements and be focused and single minded to attain knowledge and once knowledge is attained, the life starts shining like the bright sun.

BBL Emblem

The emblem of the school consists of a Lotus, Book and a Conch.

Representing purity, divinity & exuberant beauty i.e. "Satyam Shivam Sundram" as per the traditional Indian culture.

At the top signifies the eternal radiance of knowledge in all directions for the highest good of mankind in the true spirit of our Vedic ideals.