Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

Late Brij Bhushan Lal Agarwal

(1903- 1936)

"Lead kindly light through thick and thin, And shower us with holy bliss; For the noble mission taken in hand, Is getting better for higher lifts."

The Late Shri Brij Bhushan Lal Agarwal, the father of the founder of the school was an enlightened and public spirited citizen of Bareilly. He left for heavenly abode long before the inception of school but his presence is always felt as a guiding star.

Late Krishna Kumar Agarwal

(Founder President of B.B.L. Trust)

(1923- 2007)

"In a world full of strife, There are pious souls among men; Who infuse a new life."

Late Shri Krishan Kumar Agarwal, the founder and builder of the school, as it stands today, was the life breath of the institution. The school owes to his inspiring influence from its inception to its subsequent development during the first two decades of its existence. He gave his time and thoughts abundantly to the promotion of its multifarious activities and substantial funds for its development.