A uniform system of assessment during the entire academic session functions. The implemented system of evaluation covers all the aspects of students's development in Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas. The comprehensive component of evaluation which is under the guidelines of CBSE takes care of assessment of all round development of the child's personality.


The academic year is divided into two Terms consisting of Term 1 and Term 2 are conducted to assess the performance of the students in academic subjects as given in the table below:

Primary and Middle Evaluation (I-VIII):

Class Term - 1
April - September
Term - 2
October - March
Grand Total
I - VIII U.T. N.B. Mid Term Total U.T. N.B. Final Term Total 200
10 10 80 100 10 10 80 100

Secondary Evaluation (IX-X):

Class July September December March Grand Total
IX U.T.-1 U.T.-2 U.T.-3 ANNUAL EXAM 100
10 10 10 80
X July September December January
U.T.-1 U.T.-2 U.T.-3 Pre-Board
10 10 10 80

*U.T. : Unit Test

  • The average of best two Unit Tests will be taken and will be converted into 10 marks for final result.
  • Note Book (N.B.) correction and Subject Enrichment Activity will be 10 marks for final term.


The students shall be awarded grades on a 3-point grading scale-

A = Outstanding
B = Very Good
C = Fair

Senior Secondary Evaluation (XI-XII):

At senior secondary level the year is divided into three terms.

Class Term-1 Term -2 Final
XI September December March
XII Term-1 Pre-Board-1 Pre-Board-2
September December January

In class XI a student has to take up three terminal examinations and secure minimum 33% marks as an aggregate of three terms in each subject so as to pass in the class. In case of subject involving practical it is compulsory to secure minimum 33% marks in theory and practical separately in addition to 33% marks in aggregate so as to pass in that subject.